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EventSDG&E Statewide Residential HVAC QI/QM Request for Abstracts Releasing in October 2021
Date/TimeFriday, December 31, 2021 12:00 AM
LocationSan Diego Gas & Electric Company
DocumentsRFA Overview

As part of San Diego Gas & Electric Company’s solicitation schedule and to comply with D.18.01.004, the Statewide Residential HVAC Sector’s program abstracts will be requested. This is the first stage of the solicitation process beginning in October 2021.

This Request for Abstract seeks qualified Bidders to propose, design, implement, and deliver an innovative Statewide HVAC Quality Installation and Quality Maintenance (QI/QM) program in the residential sector across all four California investor-owned utilities.  The Program will be funded by the IOUs' "Market Support" segment of the EE program portfolios.  The CPUC's cost-effectiveness threshold requirements do not apply to the Market Support segment.  However, the IOUs encourage Bidders to propose a cost-efficient program design and delivery that maximizes program performance.   

The Residential HVAC’s proposed program should increase residential customer awareness of their energy use and motivate them to take action. Although multiple aspects of other IOU programs include HVAC optimization elements, the focus for this specific effort should include interventions focusing on altering residential usage. These actions can consist of usage-based and/or equipment-based changes in behaviors and increased participation in existing and future energy efficiency or demand response programs.  

The attached overview provides more details

EventSDG&E Evaluator for SASH and DAC-SASH Programs Request for Proposals Releasing in September 2021
Date/TimeTuesday, November 30, 2021 12:00 AM
LocationSan Diego Gas & Electric Company
DocumentsRFP Overview

Releasing in September 2021

San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) invites proposals on behalf of the California Public Utilities Commission (Commission) Energy Division to conduct an independent evaluation of the Single-family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) and Disadvantaged Communities-Single-family Affordable Solar Housing (DAC-SASH) Programs. 

This independent evaluation will result in two reports: 1) a SASH Final Program Evaluation and Vendor Assessment and 2) a DAC-SASH Program Evaluation and Vendor Assessment.

The attached RFP Overview provides greater details

EventSouthern California Edison - Energy Savings Assistance Program Solicitations
Date/TimeFriday, October 21, 2022 8:00 AM

Energy Savings Assistance Program Solicitations

Market Participant:

Southern California Edison Company (“SCE”) is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, and the largest subsidiary of Edison International. SCE would like to invite your company to participate in the Energy Savings Assistance Program (“ESA”) solicitations. SCE is seeking innovative program proposals that focus on providing deeper electric energy savings and a customer needs-based targeted approach for customers having difficulty balancing their energy needs and household cost to effectively serve SCE’s income-qualified customers. To meet this goal, various ESA solicitations as listed below for program elements are planned and may be subject to change. SCE will select the best programs and services for its income-qualified customers through an open, competitive Request for Proposals (“RFP”) and /or Request for Quote (“RFQ”) process.

Interested third parties may refer to SCE’s2021-2026 ESA Program Solicitation Plan for further details regarding detailed information on each ESA solicitation and projected timing.

Information is also available on the website at:

The RFP/RFQ process for all ESA Program solicitations is estimated to take between 8 to 12 months.

Schedule of Active and Upcoming ESA Solicitations


  • (No active ESA solicitations)

-        RFP Release: "Coming Soon"

-        RFP Bidders' Conference:

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals: 


  • ESA Single -Family Core Program

-        RFP Release: To be determined (TBD)

-        RFP Bidders' Conference:

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals:

  • ESA Equipment Vendors

-        RFQ Release: TBD

-        RFQ Bidders' Conference: 

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Quotes/Proposals:

  • Joint SCE and SoCalGas ESA Pilot Plus/Pilot Deep

-        RFP Release: TBD

-        RFP Bidders' Conference:

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals:

  • ESA Building Electrification Pilot (BE Pilot)

-        RFP Release: TBD

-        RFP Bidders' Conference: 

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals: 

  • ESA New Construction BE Pilot (Clean Energy Homes)

-        RFP Release: TBD

-        RFP Bidders' Conference: 

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals:

  • ESA Pilot Evaluation

-        RFP Release: TBD

-        RFP Bidders' Conference: 

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals:

  • ESA Inspections

-        RFP Release: TBD

-        RFP Bidders' Conference: 

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals: 

  • ESA System

-        RFP Release: TBD

-        RFP Bidders' Conference:

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals:

  • ESA Interactive Energy Education

-        RFP Release: TBD

-        RFP Bidders' Conference: 

-        Deadline for Bidders to Submit Proposals:


Registration Instructions

Companies (bidders) interested in receiving notifications and to be included in the bid lists for the referenced solicitation opportunities from SCE’s Supply Management group are required to self-register their company information prior to a solicitation release on this Proposal Evaluation & Proposal Management Application (PEPMA) website.

SCE will be using SAP® Ariba® (the Platform) for the actual ESA solicitation RFP/RFQ posting of bid documents and related information, as well as accepting bid submissions. Therefore, bidders that do not yet have an existing Platform account must register to create a username/password with the Platform as well.

For additional information on Platform self-registration, please visit the SCE Ariba Registration website at and refer to the “Ariba Supplier Self Registration Guide” and “Supplier Registration FAQ.”

Ariba Support

For any questions with registration, contact Ariba Helpline for Suppliers at 866-218-2155, option #2, or go to the Ariba Support website for network assistance.

SCE Support

If you have any questions or concerns about this communication, please submit via electronic communication to: 

SAP® Ariba® Registration Guide and FAQs

ESA Solicitation Process Timeline

Pre-solicitation Release:

  • RFP Development
  • Solicitation Bidder Training*

Solicitation Release:

  • RFP/RFQ Package Released on Ariba® (Includes: Instructions/bid submission requirements, Work Specifications/Technical requirements, Commercial requirements (Master Consultant Terms & Conditions (MCSA) and Cost), etc.
  • Bidder Questions and SCE Provides Answers (Q&A) Period Begins
  • Bidders’ Conference**
  • Q&A Period Ends
  • Scoring and Evaluating RFP Responses
  • Bidder Selection (Short Listing of Bids)
  • Contract Negotiations (Statement of Work (SOW) and Commercial Terms)
  • Contract Award and Purchase Order (PO) Issuance

*Bidder Workshop/Vendor Outreach and Training

SCE will hold a series of web-based RFP/RFQ pre-solicitation release conferences and training workshops to provide prospective bidders with SCE’s general solicitation information such as proposal requirements (technical &commercial), cybersecurity, contractor safety requirements, customer data, and privacy requirements, diverse business enterprises (DBEs), and other basic qualifications (e.g., what constitutes an acceptable bid, qualification process, etc.). The training will also include an overview of income-qualified program-related resources and where to locate them (e.g., recent Commission decisions, etc.). In some instances, the training will be recorded and posted on SCE’s website and/or the PEPMA website, so the information can be accessed at any time by all prospective bidders.

Dates, times, and links to the online Bidder Workshop/Vendor Outreach and Training:

  Date: October 13, 2021

  Time: 9am – 11am

  Location/Links: SCE Solicitation Workshop Training 10.13.21

  Date: October 21, 2021

  Time: 9am – 11am

  Location/Links: SCE Solicitation Workshop Training 10.21.21

  Date: October 27, 2021

  Time: 9am – 11am

  Location/Links: SCE Solicitation Workshop Training 10.27.21

**Bidders’ Conference

The Bidders’ Conference provides an opportunity for prospective bidders to ask questions and get clarification of the requirements for submitting an ESA solicitation proposal. SCE will host bidders’ conferences and respond to questions from third parties to provide information that will enable them to successfully respond to the solicitation opportunities. The Bidders’ Conference is usually held online, via the Microsoft Teams online application as an online seminar. All questions submitted by solicitation participants and SCE’s corresponding responses will be posted publicly on the Ariba® message board for the corresponding solicitation, so all respondents have equal access to ESA solicitation information provided by SCE.

Dates, times, and links to the online Bidders' Conferences will be provided in individual ESA solicitation bid invitations.

Bidder Interest Form

SCE is providing a “Bidder Interest form” to gauge bidder interest in specific ESA solicitation participation across the multiple ESA solicitations. SCE strongly encourages all potential bidders to complete and click “submit” to complete the form.

SCE Bidder Interest Form  

Please note, completing this form does not register your company for ESA solicitation notifications or access to bid information. See “Registration Instructions” above.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

No FAQs posted at this time

Regulatory Information/Resources 

California Public Utilities Commission 


Low Income Oversight Board (LIOB)/Resources 

LIOB | Low Income Oversight Board ( 

EventSoCalGas Large Public Solicitation Request for Proposal
Date/TimeMonday, November 8, 2021 12:00 AM

SoCalGas Large Public Solicitation Requestfor Proposal

Target to release – November 8, 2021 (Subject to Change)


Southern California Gas Company (“SoCalGas”)administers a comprehensive Energy Efficiency (“EE”) program portfolio directedat a large, diverse customer base spread over a vast 24,000 square mile serviceterritory throughout Central and Southern California. SoCalGas utilizesthird-party EE program implementers to serve its residential and nonresidentialcustomers throughout SoCalGas’ service territory.

SoCalGas is issuing the following Large Public SectorRequest for Proposal (“RFP”). SoCalGas remains committed to finding a programthrough an open solicitation process which will provide innovative solutions forLarge Public Sector customers to address their unique challenges andopportunities. This solicitation welcomes proposals from qualified bidders topropose, design, implement, and deliver an innovative, resource-basedprogram(s) that provides comprehensive, long-term natural gas EE results for SoCalGas’Large Public customer sector.

This solicitation has been conducted as a two-stageprocess as outlined in Decision 18-01-004.Bidders who submitted abstracts in response to the Large Public Request forAbstract (“RFA”) have been invited to participate in this open Request forProposal (“RFP”), however have the flexibility to update the design of theirproposed program.  Due to limited bidderparticipation, SoCalGas is keeping this RFP open to all interested bidders to promotehealthy competition amongst bidders and to encourage innovative solutions forLarge Public customers to address their unique challenges and opportunities.

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this solicitationis to invite bidders to develop an innovative and comprehensive energyefficiency program(s) for Large Public Sector customer segments in SoCalGas’ serviceterritory. This program includes the local government, federal government, K-12education, Special Districts and Public-Owned Utilities (POU) segments (maximumannual demand greater than 50,000 therms), but excludes public buildingscovered by statewide programs (i.e., Statewide Water/Wastewater Pumping,Statewide Higher Education and Statewide State of California) or previouslysolicited SoCalGas programs (i.e., Small & Medium Public).  Public Sector customers struggle with limitedaccess to capital and performance uncertainty regarding future benefits,therefore public eligible customers have difficulty investing in EE retrofits.Paired with market barriers including high first cost, capital expenditureapproval processes, and limited awareness of efficient technologies and EEprograms, the public sector is challenged to pursue EE retrofits. Thissolicitation is based on the needs and strategies provided in SoCalGas’Business Plan as a tactic to achieve deeper EE savings. Interested bidders are encouragedto review and propose innovative abstracts that assist SoCalGas in achievingrelated portfolio and sector-level metrics. Additional information regardingthe public sector is provided in SoCalGas’ approved business plan.

PowerAdvocate Registration

SoCalGaswill manage this event through PowerAdvocate’s sourcing platform. Interested bidders willneed to register in PowerAdvocate to access all future communications and,upon its release, the RFP.


All bidders are required to register in PowerAdvocateto access the RFP documents, submit questions, and submit an abstract. Bidderscan register in PowerAdvocate using the following URL:

( Apply to the event through the “Opportunities” portal, searchfor the SoCalGas event, click the key to request access to the event.

Are you registering for aspecific Event: click the ‘Yes’ button

Who referred you to thisEvent: PEPMA Announcement

Name of that individual’scompany: Southern California Gas Company

Name or description of theEvent: “#128104 - Large Public Request for Proposal”

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PowerAdvocate Support

(857)453-5800 M-F 8:00 AMto 8:00 PM Eastern Time

EventSDG&E and SoCalGas Energy Savings Assistance Programs to Host Web-based Solicitations Workshop - November 16, 2021
Date/TimeTuesday, November 16, 2021 9:00 AM
LocationSan Diego Gas & Electric Company and Southern California Gas Company
DocumentsWorkshop Details

The SDG&E and SoCalGas Energy Savings Assistance (ESA) Programs will host a web-based workshop to provide prospective bidders with general solicitation information such as proposal requirements -technical & commercial, cybersecurity, contractor safety requirements, customer data, and privacy requirements, diverse business enterprises (DBEs), and other basic qualifications (e.g., what constitutes an acceptable bid, qualification process, etc.). The workshop will also include an overview of respective utilities’ ESA solicitation plans.  

See attachments. 

EventSDG&E Public Webinar - Draft Implementation Plan for the new Federal Energy Program (FEP)
Date/TimeFriday, October 29, 2021 10:00 AM
LocationMicrosoft Teams Meeting

SDG&E will host a public webinar on Friday, October 29, 2021, from 10:00 am – 11:00am to present the draft version of the Implementation Plan for the new Federal Energy Program (FEP), being implemented by TRC Solutions Inc.  In advance of the webinar, the draft Implementation Plan will be available on the CAEECC website on or before Tuesday, October 19, 2021. See: CAEECC website []?

Information to access the webinar is provided below:

 Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

Join with a videoconferencing device

Video Conference ID: 114 852 619 4

Alternate VTC instructions []

Or call in (audio only)

+1 858-284-1506,,338091363#   United States, San Diego

Phone Conference ID: 338 091 363#

Find a local number | Reset PIN[]

Learn More[] | Meeting options

EventSDG&E’s We Thrive Series Event - “How to Start Doing Business with SDG&E”
Date/TimeWednesday, November 10, 2021 10:00 AM
LocationSan Diego Gas & Electric Company
DocumentsSupplier Diversity Webinar

Event Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 @ 10-11am

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

Registration Link: SDG&EEvent Registration Form


As part of our “We Thrive” series,  SDG&E’s Supplier Diversity team will be hosting a webinar on “How to Start Doing Business with SDG&E.”  In this event, suppliers will hear from the Small Business Administration on their programs and services.  Additionally, suppliers will learn about SDG&E’s general RFP process, safety requirements, vendor registration process, and supplier diversity program.

(Attached is a copy of this announcement with Registration Link)