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EventRFP# 109962 Statewide Market Transformation Administrator
Date/TimeSunday, January 31, 2021 12:00 AM

RFP# 109962 Statewide MarketTransformation Administrator


Bid Number: 109962


Lead IOU: PG&E


Bid Name: MarketTransformation Administrator - Request for Proposal  # 109962


Bid Manager: Paula Paschal




Bid Group:


IOU Service Areas: Statewide


Budget: TBD


Program Description:


In accordance with CaliforniaPublic Utilities Commission Decision19-12-021 – “Decision Regarding Frameworksfor Energy Efficiency Regional Energy Networks and Market Transformation”,PG&E is issuing a Request for Proposal(RFP) soliciting proposals fromqualified third-parties to serve as California’s independent, statewide MarketTransformation Administrator(MTA).  PG&E will serve as the contractingand fiscal agent for the program. 


  • This is a single-stage solicitation process through which PG&E will receive and evaluate proposals from qualified parties interested in serving as the MTA. 
  • There are no specific minimum requirements to bid on this solicitation; however, bidders will be required to demonstrate their capabilities to administer a large, complex program.
  • Individual bidders will be limited to participation in only one submitted bid (for example, a bidder organization cannot be included as a subcontractor in multiple bids). 
  • The MTA will be responsible for administering a portfolio of market transformation initiatives (MTIs), which will be assessed based on, among other things, cost effectiveness. 
  • All RFP-related documents will be posted on the PG&E EE Solicitations website and available within PowerAdvocate (PG&E’s online bidding platform) once the solicitation is open. 
  • Information provided to Bidders will include:
    • Bid submission forms
    • Bidders conference registration instructions
    • Instructions on how to submit a Proposal
    • Solicitation timeline and important dates
    • References to relevant regulatory decisions

EventSDG&E Public Sector - Local Government Segment Request for Abstracts
Date/TimeSunday, February 28, 2021 12:00 AM
LocationSan Diego Gas & Electric Company
DocumentsRFA Overview

As part of SDG&E’s solicitation schedule and to comply with D.18-01-004, SDG&E will be requesting abstracts that will serve the local Public Sector – Local Government market segment. This is the first stage of the solicitation process beginning in January 2021. The Public Sector- Local Government program includes customers who are tax-payer funded, have political mandates, and must go through a public budgeting and decision making process. Within Public Sector includes a segment of Local Governments which consist of cities, and county(including hospitals and correctional facilities), specialty districts, solid waste facilities, and water/wastewater facilities. The potential for savings is great for this market and the Company is looking for an innovative, resource-focused energy efficiency and comprehensive solution that reliably captures and documents cost-effective energy (kWh, kW, and/or therm) savings applicable to these customers which will also provide a path to Zero Net Energy (ZNE) for these customers. If the bidder submits a successful abstract, the bidder will be invited to participate in the RFP.

Additional details are provided in the attached Overview document